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What is Tea with M.D

Tea with Motherless Daughters is an informal event where women who have experienced mother loss can come along and share in the experience of getting to know other women in the same shoes. We create opportunities to expand friendships and support networks to further enhance the lives of women facing the challenges posed by having lost their mother.

It is not your typical support style format and we certainly do not all sit in a circle and talk about our problems. In fact, it is quite the contrary and often described as uplifting and positive. It can even be likened to catching up with a group of girl friends. We sit, drink yummy tea, talk, shed a tear, laugh, indulge in delicious food, talk some more, laugh again and most importantly embrace the opportunity to feel completely comfortable and at home with those who just get it! On top of this, a guest speaker may come along - a woman who is also in our shoes of course! And you might even go home with a goodie as a thank you.

We try our very best to ensure that there is a different theme, interest or guest speaker at each of our events to mix it up and keep it interesting. If you have a suggestion for this, please feel free to email us!