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Zoom Connect Sessions


The recent challenges and restrictions placed on Australians as a result of COVID19 have exacerbated emotional distress and heightened grief, isolation and loneliness.

Our Zoom Connect Sessions gave women in our community an opportunity to connect and chat in a face to face digital format while we all faced these pro-longed periods of isolation. We were able facilitate this contact for over 120 women from all over Australia via zoom sessions during the peak time of isolation to help them feel more connected and less alone. 


Due to high demand, we are currently working on brining more Zoom Connect Session opportunities to our community to enable all women to feel connected and support no matter of their location. 


Visit a Mum   


Inspired by conversations in our support group, we are delighted to launch our Visit a Mum initiative.
We understand that some of you may live interstate or hours away from where your mum’s resting place may be and that this may create anxiety or guilt as a result of not being able to visit and place some flowers. That’s why we have developed our Visit a Mum program.

If you would like to register your details as a visitor and commit to visiting a mum at a cemetery within your radius, you can register your information here.


If you are unable to visit your mum due to distance and would like someone else from our community to visit and place flowers, please reach out to us at to kindly request this.
All requests must include following details:
1. Your name and contact number

2. Your mum's name as written on her plaque

3. Name and full address of cemetery
4. Grave site address (if applicable) for example: W Stewart Lawn, Row M, Grave 60
5. A map with the exact location if possible 

We will directly connect requesters with visitors for further discussion regarding arrangements.

We will require a month or two to develop our list of visitors, so may not be able to fulfil any requests for the time being. Our ability to try and fulfil your request is dependant upon our database of visitors in the area. 

We hope this helps in some small way and we look forward to hearing from you!