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Past Events

The unique opportunity to sit and share a cup of tea,champagne and meal with other motherless daughters promotes a sense of identification and special bond which is felt almost instantly. Exchanging stories, a few tears, but more importantly some laughs and new found friendships is the main aim of these wonderful and uplifting events. 

Melbourne Dinner Catch up - Wed 28 November
2018 Melbourne High Tea

2018 Canberra High Tea

2018 Sydney High Tea

2017 Melbourne High Tea



2018 Second Melbourne Dinner Catch up - Thurs 6 Dec











2018 Melbourne Dinner Catch up - Wed 28 Nov





2018 MELBOURNE pre Mother's Day High Tea - Sunday 6 May



 Guest Speaker: Leonie Conforto

 On life after mother loss and building a world of 'nice' things around your grief.

 Your can listen to Leonie's speech and toast here.






"Was lovely to connect with women who understand and to share stories." - Natalie


"I wish the event went for longer than the 2.5hours I was there. The day was perfect & lots of laughs too. I've made so many new friends and I am looking forward to the next get together." -  Gillian







2018 CANBERRA pre Mother's Day High Tea - Sunday 6 May


"Wonderful afternoon with some beautiful stories of love, friendship and strength." - Stephanie


"A fantastic afternoon!" - Teanne








2018 SYDNEY pre Mother's Day High Tea - Sunday 22 April




  Guest Speaker: Andrea Michelle - Fox in Flats.

  Your can listen to Andrea's moving speech here



"Thanks for such a beautiful event. I urge anyone who wants to go, to just go regardless of nerves. All the beautiful ladies will make you feel right at home in no time." - Rebecca


"It was such a positive afternoon with plenty of laughs and tears that left me feeling inspired, braver and stronger for the future." - Nicole





2017 MELBOURNE pre Mother's Day High Tea - Sunday 7 May





   Guest Speaker: Leigh Van Der Horst





"What a wonderful afternoon it was! Being surrounded by women who understand what you feel. Exchanging stories, a few tears and more importantly some laughs" - Jennifer.


"Loved every moment of it. Felt so nice to be amongst women who get it" - Carolyn.