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Past Events

2017 Pre Mother's Day High Tea - Sunday 7 May


Our very first Tea with pre Mother's Day High Tea was held in Brunswick at Mary Eats Cake to celebrate and remember our mothers collectively. This was a fabulous afternoon with women of all ages attending from Melbourne and interstate to meet, greet and bond. Special guest speaker and author of 'Without My Mum', Leigh Van Der Horst encouraged women to focus on the positive aspects in our lives and the people we have become since the passing of our mothers.


The unique opportunity to sit and share a cup of tea and some tasty delights with other motherless daughters promoted a sense of identification and special bond which was felt instantly. Exchanging stories, a few tears, but more importantly some laughs and new found friendships is the main aim of these wonderful and uplifting events.


"What a wonderful afternoon it was! Being surrounded by women who understand what you feel. Exchanging stories, a few tears and more importantly some laughs" - Jennifer.


"Loved every moment of it. Felt so nice to be amongst women who get it" - Carolyn.