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Past Events

The unique opportunity to sit and share a cup of tea and some tasty delights with other motherless daughters promoted a sense of identification and special bond which is felt almost instantly. Exchanging stories, a few tears, but more importantly some laughs and new found friendships is the main aim of these wonderful and uplifting events. 


2018 Melbourne High Tea

2018 Canberra High Tea

2018 Sydney High Tea

2017 Melbourne High Tea



2018 MELBOURNE pre Mother's Day High Tea - Sunday 6 May



 Guest Speaker: Leonie Conforto

 On life after mother loss and building a world of 'nice' things around your grief.

 Your can listen to Leonie's speech and toast here.






"Was lovely to connect with women who understand and to share stories." - Natalie


"I wish the event went for longer than the 2.5hours I was there. The day was perfect & lots of laughs too. I've made so many new friends and I am looking forward to the next get together." - Gillian




2018 CANBERRA pre Mother's Day High Tea - Sunday 6 May


"Wonderful afternoon with some beautiful stories of love, friendship and strength." - Stephanie


"A fantastic afternoon!" - Teanne

2018 SYDNEY pre Mother's Day High Tea - Sunday 22 April




  Guest Speaker: Andrea Michelle - Fox in Flats.

  Your can listen to Andrea's moving speech here



"Thanks for such a beautiful event. I urge anyone who wants to go, to just go regardless of nerves. All the beautiful ladies will make you feel right at home in no time." - Rebecca


"It was such a positive afternoon with plenty of laughs and tears that left me feeling inspired, braver and stronger for the future." - Nicole

2017 MELBOURNE pre Mother's Day High Tea - Sunday 7 May





   Guest Speaker: Leigh Van Der Horst





"What a wonderful afternoon it was! Being surrounded by women who understand what you feel. Exchanging stories, a few tears and more importantly some laughs" - Jennifer.


"Loved every moment of it. Felt so nice to be amongst women who get it" - Carolyn.