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We support and connect girls and women whose mums have died.

Motherless Daughters Australia aims to support and connect girls and women by providing peer support opportunities both online and within the community to improve self-esteem, confidence, stress and grief management, alleviate feelings of depression, anxiety and improve overall health and wellbeing.


Our top 4 strategic priorities to provide support and raise awareness to create change 
Motherless Daughters Australia have identified the following areas as key priorities in order to provide adequate and tailored support, raise awareness and the ability to provide evidenced based research and findings to ensure that we can achieve our vision.

We will enable and facilitate opportunities for women, girls and families with young children to connect with one another and receive support and information to help them get through life without their mum.


We will raise awareness of Motherless Daughters Australia and encourage schools, health services and the broader community to be vehicles for change, by continually educating and providing information to them, to enable them to effectively support women and girls who have experienced mother loss.


We will gather information, engage in research, and remain curious about motherless daughters’ experiences to inform our future activities, ensuring our services, support and information remain current and relevant.

We will operate as an efficient, well-resourced national organisation that is well-positioned and prepared for future growth.